No Tree Too Big . . .

Big Tree sells and moves mature trees for your home or business. We offer all types of trees to add beauty, color and value to your landscape. Our large tree spades can relocate your existing trees as well.

Please feel free to contact us so we can arrange to meet at your property and discuss your needs.

“We called Big Tree on Monday looking for a Sugar Maple to give shade in the back yard of our new home. Big Tree called us on Friday said they had found the perfect tree.”
- Sally James-Scranton, West Chester PA

Feature article in Chester County Life magazine

"Tree of Spades" - By Sharon Spaeder

What if the lovely backyard view you’ve enjoyed for years suddenly included distant high tension wires or a neighbor’s new pool? Your first thought might be – a screen made of large evergreen trees would block the unwanted view and maintain privacy. In another scenario, what if you had to move, leaving behind a big tree, maybe a favorite source of shade or perhaps one you planted the day your teenager was born?

In either case, you might want to call in the big guns, or rather, the big spade. That would be Big Tree, LLC, a West Chester company that specializes in the removal and installation of – you guessed it – big trees...complete article