Dear Big Tree,

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you did on our property. You helped us solve so many problems: large, vigorous trees we wanted to save had been planted too close to the foundation of our home; awkward property lines made developing a plan unusually tricky; and we had a tight budget given the scope of what we wanted to achieve.

In particular, we were at a loss as to how to afford enough decent-size trees to make our 8 or so, clear-cut acres more inviting. Between one thing and another we just hadn't gotten around to planting since we had moved in nine years earlier and by the time we contacted you, we were too impatient to wait for young plantings to mature.

So, we were delighted and surprised when you suggested that in addition to moving the poorly located trees and acquiring some gorgeous big maples, you could take some trees out of the woods at the far end of our land and replant them where they were needed. (A previous landscaper had told us that naturally sown trees would not have an adequate root system to allow transplantation. Boy was he wrong. Whatever you secret, every tree you transplanted not only survived, but thrived.)

And you made it look so easy, one minute the land would be empty and the next time we looked out our window, there would be another stately tree standing as if it had always been there. Now it is hard not to think about re-arranging trees at whim, the same way we might re-arrange the furniture.

Thanks again for all you did (and all you didn't do - you never failed to show-up and never gave us any nasty surprises). The property looks great and no one would guess that those trees haven't been there since the beginning.

Best Wishes,

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Saruk
West Chester, PA